3 Trends in Modern Pearl Bracelets

3 Trends in Modern Pearl Bracelets

Calling fashion-forward ladies!  I’ve got something super chic and stylish to share today about modern pearl bracelets.  When most people think about pearl jewelry maybe they are thinking about a strand of round, white pearls pulled out of a musty jewelry box.  But today everything has changed.  There are super exciting things happening with pearls. 

Marine pearls from the South Pacific are bigger, bolder, more exotic, and more colorful than you ever imagined.  They come in silver, pink, gray, and black.  These larger, brighter pearls are dramatic.  Modern pearl bracelets capture an iconic fashion look and let you show it off on your wrists as you move.  Picture this: Bright and colorful eye-catching accents with perfect fashion pedigree!

Check out these great trends in modern pearl bracelets:

1. Mixing and layering: Layering modern pearl bracelets personalizes your look by mixing and matching the sizes, shapes, and colors of pearls, along with metal tones and leather textures.  You can combine bracelets in rose, silver, or gold metal, or leather accented with black, gray, or white pearls to create dazzling displays.

2. Charge it up with diamonds: A marine pearl bracelet has a glow you won’t believe. Mother-of-pearl bracelets carry similar light and color born of palm trees and turquoise oceans. But when you add a complimenting bracelet of diamonds throwing all that extra light and color you get an incredible display!  This is an electric way to make your statement. 

3. Shapes and Colors: Most people think of pearls as white and round.  But only a small fraction of pearls grow this way.  More often pearls are button or baroque-shaped.  Keshi pearls come from the same oysters as round pearls, but are in many fascinating shapes.  Keshi makes great bracelets, their unique patterns intertwined together to create incredible, interlocking displays on your wrist.    

Don’t look now but today the boys have also discovered what Grandmother quietly understood for years. These days confident, fashionable high school boys ask for pearls for graduation as often as girls.  Men wear pearls with confidence making huge fashion statements with powerful, minimalist approaches.  The boys are pushing ideas and breaking new ground like combining pearls and mother of pearl with diamonds.

Harry Styles is perhaps the most well-known male celebrity who wears pearls. He has been seen wearing a modern pearl bracelet, often paired with more masculine clothing for a gender-bending look.  Then there is Pharrell Williams who has been spotted wearing pearl bracelets, often layering them with other jewelry for a more eclectic look.

Why do pearls matter so much right now?  The elegance and fashion pedigree of pearls speaks for itself.  But also consider that pearls are the only natural gemstone.  Oysters grow and produce new pearls over and over during their lifetime. Marine oysters also naturally filter seawater – gallons every hour.  Oysters thrive in pristine ecosystems in the South Pacific Ocean. Pearls today send the right message at the right time.  Pearls aren’t for estate sales – they are the newest growing, living thing for men’s and women’s fashions.  

Every year brings increased awareness of sustainability and ethical practices.  People care.  We can see the growing demand for modern pearl bracelets that are big, bold, beautiful, exotic, and sourced responsibly. Increasingly, designers like Roseate focus on marine pearls from sustainable and eco-friendly farms they know and trust.
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