What’s Happening in Modern Pearl Necklace Designs?

What’s Happening in Modern Pearl Necklace Designs?

The princess in every girl deserves a classic pearl necklace. This may be the most iconic single piece of jewelry you can buy. So it matters. Today designers like Roseate are changing the game from what used to be grandmother’s hand-me-down pearls.  In this post, I want to tell you about the most exciting modern pearl necklace designs popular with fashion-forward women (and men).

The feature at Roseate is our iconic South Sea pearl strand in rose gold with large, glowing white or cream pearls.  We're also pretty excited about our strand of mixed gray Tahitian pearls in rose gold.   These designs are classic. But what is new is the size and sumptuousness of the South Sea pearls which are bigger, brighter, and more colorful than anything you’ve seen before.


But what about more modern pearl necklace designs? 

Exactly!  We like marine pearls because they are ecological at a time when we need that. They are the only renewable gemstone. Our modern designs emphasize the environmental concerns of the world today.  Check out the unexpected color and design of our Tahitian grey Treasurelock necklace with two beads of water gracefully joined to form a padlock shackle on top of the pearl that holds the chain. This is a powerful, minimalist look with a striking new design.

Also take a look at the joined waterdrop design in our classic heart necklace in stunning mother of pearl that glows with the reds, greens, and whites of the South Pacific where it is farmed.

We like the fresh look of combining big, warm marine pearls with metal beads or diamonds.  More and more layering is the trend to catch (diamonds with pearls anyone?)   You can combine different hues of metal and combine the light from diamond, metal, and pearl for dazzling displays.  Subtle combinations of yellow and rose gold make beautiful signature statements.

The cluster pearl Treasurelock is a great example of creative design combinations. Each pearl has the Treasurelock padlock design made from two water droplets. Combined in a cluster, this design is organized, but at the same time deliciously varied.  It is minimalist and at the same time complex. The pearls clustered together and reflecting from each other give off a hothouse of radiated warmth.

And check out our wands!  These are talismans of different virtues, emblematic of light, water, unity, prosperity, loyalty, love, and bloom.  They reflect your powers and passions.  We craft them of precious metal, mother of pearl, and diamond. They are stunning on a necklace!  And these wands perform magic by giving back: We have charitable partners who get 20% of sales from wands.

Are you ready for modern designs based on pearls? From Audrey Hepburn to Jackie Kennedy, the pearl necklace has been the go-to piece for generations. Why?  Pearls have always been unmatched in elegance that everyone knows and appreciates.  Pearls are so versatile with so many outfits and in so many situations.  Your most formal dress is a natural partner with pearls.  A modern pearl necklace raises the stakes of a Tuesday business suit or a Friday night little black dress. Everything gets a lift from pearls.

And this makes sense. Pearls gather and throw amazing light.  Their warmth and fashion pedigree are unmatched. They immediately attract attention and earn approval.  They have iconic symbolism about purity, grace, and wisdom. 

The classic pearl strand is still a standard setter. Modern designs are about capturing this pedigree and versatility.  At Roseate we are all about pearls.  We value the traditional and ecological emphasis of our South Sea pearl farmers.  We think many others will want to be part of this elegant and unforgettable look.
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