Jewelry that is born of the sea and designed in New York City.

Our Founder

“Roseate is committed to a world where jewelry is more than a treasured adornment — it’s an embodiment of artistry, ethics, and environmental sustainability.” - Pamela Cloud

After decades of prior jewelry experience, we’d learned all the rules. We founded this brand to break them.

Roseate was conceived and created by Pamela Cloud, former Chief Merchandising Officer at Tiffany & Co. It began with a thought she shared in an interview with the New York Times: “If you were to build a brand differently, any brand, how would you do it?” She knew it would all start with materials and her deep love of pearls.

The Promise of Pearls

Saltwater pearls are the world’s only truly sustainable precious gems. There are no beautiful pearls without healthy oysters, and there are no healthy oysters without pristine oceans. 

Pearl farms can produce pearls indefinitely while generating positive ecological impacts. Cultivating oysters increases fish abundance, supports ecosystem biodiversity, improves the health of coral reefs, enhances water quality, and protects marine ecosystems that play a vital role in combating climate change by absorbing carbon dioxide emissions and the heat generated by them (blue carbon).

From the Sea...To the City

It begins with the oyster, one of the very few living creatures that creates gems — enchanting, luminous pearls.  They’ve been treasured for thousands of years, but Roseate sees pearls anew, spanning age and gender, unbound from formality and status.

Out of a small studio in downtown New York, a collection of evocative jewelry expresses the magic of pearls in a new way.

Each piece is a personal talisman inspired by universal symbols of nature and humanity. The fundamental form is a glistening droplet of water. From that, many motifs emerge—dimensional hearts, tactile flowers, an inventive interpretation of a padlock.

Our inaugural collection is the work of award-winning jewelry designer Eddie Borgo, who plays with contrasts to create intriguing tension—romantic versus tough, playful versus profound, cool versus classic. 

The collection is produced with ethically and sustainably sourced South Sea and Tahitian pearls and mother-of-pearl, and meticulously crafted in North America.

Giving Back

Oceans are the world’s single largest source of carbon capture. Healthy oceans help limit climate change by absorbing about 25% of all carbon dioxide emissions globally and capturing 90% of the excess heat generated by these emissions. This absorbed carbon is known as “blue carbon.”

Recognizing this vital role, and the role that clean and healthy oceans play in the creation of pearls, Roseate is committed to donating 20% of sales of specific designs to organizations leading work in blue carbon, including Conservation International and Billion Oyster Project.

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