This Year Pearl Jewelry is Your Valentine’s Day Gift

This Year Pearl Jewelry is Your Valentine’s Day Gift

How do you pull together the perfect qualities of a Valentine's Day gift? The theme everyone tries to capture each year is romance, but it can’t be cheap romance.  Valentine’s Day must be much more than a gesture.  You need thoughtfulness, meaningfulness, and quality, all mixed with a romantic sense of surprise and delight.

For your gift to hit home, you need to spend some time and attention.  You want to shower your beloved with a sense of priority and say they have a unique, intimate place in your life.  You need something with significance and personality, and there must be quality.  All of this needs an element of surprise and delight.  You want to see a reaction of meaning, joy, and excitement.

Here's an idea!  Consider a February gift of jewelry made from ocean pearls and mother of pearl, sophisticated with the pedigree of classic fashion and warm with light from their tropical birthplace. You can give timeless elegance and glowing symbolism.  Pearls are the earth’s only renewable gemstone. They come from pristine and tropically beautiful locations.  Pearls are time-tested icons of purity, good taste, and wisdom.

Unlike other gemstones mined from the ground, pearls come from living organisms, the giant white lipped and black lipped oysters of Australia and French Polynesia.  Growing oysters requires a pristine environment in balance with nature. Pearl jewelry embodies wisdom and a sustainable future. Pearls are a gift from an exotic sun-kissed paradise, the turquoise waters of French Polynesia, or the idyllic beaches of Australia with its boxy, ancient, red rock cliffs.

Mother-of-pearl is the iridescent shell inside the oyster made from the same nacre as pearl. It gives a shimmering play of color like the tropics with delicate pinks, blues, and opalescent whites.  Mother-of-pearl is the origin of pearl and has a symbolic connection to motherhood, nurturing, and love.

Pearls have a pedigree. Throughout history, they have been cherished for the symbolism of purity and wisdom.  Pearl luster represents the purity of the heart, making pearls an ideal gift to express deep and sincere love.  Pearls have symbolic weight and represent trust.  Pearls are associated with wisdom, and they are said to enhance the clarity of thought and promote emotional balance. Their elegance in fashion is timeless, able to compliment any outfit from casual to formal with effortless Audrey Hepburn versatility.

Roseate is about modern pearl design.  We have sophisticated ocean pearl gifts you might want to consider this Valentine's Day.  Our cameo is a raised heart carved from an iridescent mother of pearl. The design is based on two graceful drops of water joining together in ecological harmony.  Or, consider the Lovelock pendant, which is a two waterdrop heart design crafted in mother of pearl with a padlock joining the jewelry to a neck chain. A simpler, stunning design is the TreasureLock pearl, a single, glowing white or black pearl with a TreasureLock padlock that joins to a chain to wear around the neck. 

Also consider the Roseate Wand collection, designed in mother-of-pearl and with sustainable, lab-grown diamonds.  Each wand is an amulet that reflects the passion and power of the person who wears it.  Each wand has a theme.  The Love Wand features a mother-of-pearl heart and benefits our charity partner, Billion Oyster Project. 20% of the purchase of your Love Wand goes to the Billion Oyster Project to support their mission of restoring the oyster reefs to New York harbor in collaboration with local communities.

This Valentine's Day express your love and appreciation with a gift from the sea that embodies renewal, beauty, and wisdom.  Ocean pearls and mother of pearl glow with the mystery and color of their tropical origins.  They have a classic fashion pedigree that looks to a sustainable future. Gifts of pearls this Valentine’s Day are sure to surprise, delight, and impress.

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