Modern Pearl Bridal Earrings - 6 Trends

Modern Pearl Bridal Earrings - 6 Trends

Pearl earrings have been a classic accessory for brides for centuries and we all know why. There is no more iconic look than beautiful, iridescent pearls framing a face. The symbolism is about light, purity, and wisdom - perfect for a wedding day.  

Modern pearls exemplify the less-is-more idea, letting bling take center stage while embracing timeless elegance and grace. At Roseate we are all about pearls.  We’ve seen age and gender-breaking trends.  Modern earring designs have fun new shapes, colors, and textures that re-write the old rules.  In this post, I want to tell you about the top modern pearl bridal earring designs popular among fashion-forward brides.

1. To begin, we’re crazy about mother-of-pearl hearts designed with two ecological water drops blended gracefully together.  Mother of pearl glows with color and light.  Our modern pearls and mother of pearl are from the South Pacific off the coast of Western Australia and Tahiti from farms we’ve visited.  The vibrant greens and reds remind us of the warm tropics. With their warm color and great design, these are perfect as bride’s maid gifts.
2. For the bride with traditional tastes, there is nothing at all that can go wrong with the pure elegance of the classic pearl stud.  Gold or grey pearls can change up the traditional look and give a surprising edge.  Marine pearls are generally 13 mm or larger. At this big size, with so much light, they are scene stealers.  These glowing modern pearls perfectly frame a bride’s face. You won’t believe the surprising colors and shades.

3. We believe in the ecological benefit of ocean oysters that filter and purify the water around them. Did you know that our philanthropic partner, Billion Oyster Project, is repopulating the oyster beds around New York City?  This is why the ecological water drop is our emblem. Take a look at the sleek, modern design of our waterdrop earring in warm rose gold, or with mother-of-pearl accents.

4. Dangling earrings have been a popular accessory for brides for many years, but new designs feature new shapes that add contemporary style to a stand-by accessory. Take a look at our wand earing.  Each wand is a talisman with a theme of love, loyalty, unity, bloom, light, water, and prosperity.  These themes reflect your power and passions, and they have a special magic: We give 20% of the purchase price to our charity partners working to repair the environment.  How about a loyalty wand earring as a bridesmaid gift?

5. And what about a multiple-piercing design?  More piercings give you more options for creative and edgy looks.  Check out our unity swag in rose gold with a diamond and mother-of-pearl droplet inlay.

6. Want to get edgier still against the backdrop of traditional pearls? Asymmetrical pearl earrings are a big trend.  It’s a mix-and-match approach.  You can wear pearls in different sizes and shapes, arranged in surprising and edgy ways.  There are unexpected pearl color variations like white, cream, yellow, gray, and black.  The strategically mismatched approach is a great way you can make a signature statement on your special day.

Modern pearl bridal earrings are about embracing what is iconic, the symbolism of purity and wisdom, while leaving room to break away from traditional styles to experiment with new shapes, colors, and textures.   You may want iconic and timeless style.  Or you may want to explore.  Big, bright marine pearls with their many colors offer a way to hold the fort on tradition while reaching out for edgier styles that you may want to express as your signature.
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