The Perfect Gift of a Pearl Heart Necklace this Valentine’s Day

The Perfect Gift of a Pearl Heart Necklace this Valentine’s Day

A pearl heart necklace is the ultimate gift on Valentine's Day.  There are so many reasons a heart necklace fits.  Consider that pearls represent love, purity, beauty, and wisdom. The luster of a pearl gives it a singular mysterious beauty. The pearl has an ocean mystique. It throws opalescent color with light changes, unlike any other gem.  And pearls have a great back story. Pearls come from a magical far-off place, the most tropical, electric-colored land you can imagine.

The pearl is the only renewable gemstone.  It takes three years to grow an ocean pearl in some of the most remote and beautiful Pacific Ocean locations in the world. If you design this beauty and pedigree into a piece of jewelry, you can make a pearl heart necklace.

The symbol of the heart goes back to the Middle Ages with the idea of a book of memory that is carried inside the body.  Over centuries, the symbolism of the heart came to mean a token of love, compassion, and empathy, as well as a reminder of shared humanity and the importance of holding deep connections with others sacred during our lifetimes.

It was in the Victorian era when heart jewelry became popular with the idea that you could give your heart away to someone else.  The symbolism of the heart evolved along the lines of the heart's power within the body, central to life, vitality, and personal power.  The image of the heart became associated with guidance, intuition, and truth. You often hear common phrases like "follow your heart", and "listen to your heart".

The symbol of the heart is powerful.  We think the pearl is powerful also.  At Roseate we design jewelry based on the magic of pearls and mother of pearl. Mother of pearl is the glowing interior of an oyster shell that the oyster makes smooth with a coating of iridescent nacre, which is the same substance that makes a pearl.  It is the mother of the pearl!

We source mother of pearl made from the largest ocean oysters on earth.  These come from Western Australia and the Tuamotu Archipelago of French Polynesia. We’ve visited the farms and seen how pearl farming works.  Pearl farms happen way out because oysters need pristine natural environments to grow. They can’t stand any pollution and these places are pollution-free. These are beachy lands with palm trees and electric green water, teeming with ocean life. There are sharks and octopuses and sea snakes and all kinds of bright, tropical fish.  Ocean oysters here filter sediments and impurities as they feed on microorganisms.  They make the water purer. These far-off lands have the perfect exotic beauty and purity to give pearls mystery and a sense of perfection.

Pearls are an emblem of growth, wisdom, and purity. We incorporate these themes into our jewelry designs.  Consider our jewelry hearts that are made from two ecological ocean water droplets appreciatively joined together.  Our classic pearl heart necklace calls back to the sea. It has the warmth, color, and the mystery of its Pacific Ocean origin.

Another option for a pearl heart necklace is our Love wand. We design thematic wand pendant jewelry. Wands are a talisman, a symbol of the power of the person who bears them.  Throughout human history, wands have bridged the gap between what is earthly and what is divine. They serve as a conduit for magical energies. Wands are ingrained with the idea of a spiritual journey.

Our love-themed wand is designed with our two-droplet mother-of-pearl heart, together with a lab-grown diamond made from wind power in Gresham, Oregon. And this wand has powers!  It gives back!  We give 20% of every Love theme wand sale to one of our charitable partners, the Billion Oyster Project. The Billion Oyster Project is reseeding New York Harbor's oysters. Their simple and compelling goal is to return a billion oysters to New York Harbor by the year 2035.  To date, Pete Malinowski and his team at BOP have reintroduced 133 million oysters to New York City's tidal basin.  So, when you make a Love wand your Valentine's Day gift, you bring the power to restore the ocean heart of New York City.

When you are thinking about the perfect Valentine's Day gift this year, think of the pearl heart necklace. Pearls are symbolic of the aspirations that connect us and raise us higher.  Their ocean source is exotic and flowing with mystery.   What better gift could there be this year?

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